Enhancing lives through
individualized guidance,
support, and advocacy.
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Defining Principles

  • Guardianship is a continuous life long relationship of trust
  • Guardians have the legal responsibility to advocate for ethical, competent, and caring individuals acting as families in assisting the individual with key decision points.
  • Guardians offer assistance and intervention in relation to the individual’s capacities for independent decision-making.
  • Guardians place the welfare of the individual over the welfare of the service providers.


Enhancing lives through individualized guidance, support, and advocacy.

To enhance the well-being of those served through positive collaborative relationships.  To provided individuals the greatest amount of independence and participation in the decisions affecting his or her life while remaining an active respected member of their community.

Core Values

  • Advocacy
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Respect

Our Services
How can we help?
Twin Ports Guardian and Payee Services can help you with Corporate Guardianship, Representative Payee services, and Geriatric Case Management.

Our Services

Corporate Guardianship
Corporate guardianship can be assigned to a person or an estate.

Representative Payee
A person or organization appointed by the Social Security Administration to receive benefits on behalf of someone.

Geriatric Case Management
A specialist in health and human services who has experience in assisting families who are caring for older relatives.